Weighted Blankets for Sleep and Nighttime Anxiety

Millions of people struggle with nighttime anxiety, insomnia and other stress and sleep disorders. This is a problem of monumental concern because stress and insufficient sleep wreak havoc on our bodies. Likewise, it can worsen over time if not properly addressed.
People struggling with stress and sleep-related medical conditions find it very difficult to concentrate and perform at school or work, and they also find they are irritable and cranky. This leads to relationship issues as well. Sleep deprivation is an urgent issue that requires a solution.

There is also a huge population suffering with autism and autism-spectrum disorders where sleep and nighttime anxiety are an issue as well for not only the person affected by their caregivers as well.

In most cases, to help calm patients struggling with sleep and nighttime anxiety, doctors prescribe powerful pharmaceutical drugs that don’t quite fix the problem and create issues of dependency as well. Side effects, including daytime drowsiness, are likewise a problem. Many people prefer using natural methods as treatment.

Luckily, scientists and medical researchers now have discovered a much better way to alternatively help treat or manage nighttime anxiety and its related issues.

Try using weighted blankets for sleep and nighttime anxiety:

Weighted Blankets for Sleep and Nighttime Anxiety ~Many adults and children alike are finding relief to sleepless nights and nighttime anxiety by using a weighted blanket when they sleep. Experts say it can help treat stress-, sleep- and even some trauma-related disorders. Weighted blankets can offer the calming relief a person needs, helping to ease his/her insomnia, stress, and anxiety.

First, the heavier touch of a weighted blanket stimulates the body’s pressure points and ease muscle tension. A standard blanket can give a light touch that can indeed help activate the body’s central nervous system while you’re sleeping, but a weighted blanket works much in the same way as a deep massage, thoroughly calming the nerves.

Secondly, people suffering from anxiety, depression and other stress and insomnia disorders tend to have very low levels of the hormone serotonin. Applying firm pressure on certain pressure points of your body through weighted blankets can increase the release of the good hormone serotonin, thus supporting its natural production for better sleep.

Many people find that when they start using a weighted blanket each night, sleep comes much easier and the symptoms related to insomnia begin to dissipate. The weighted blankets give a feeling of safety and security as well.

More on how a weighted blanket helps with anxiety and other stress-related sleep disorders:

Deep tissue massage or pressure point stimulation, as mentioned above, has highly beneficial physical or physiological effects on the body. It works pretty much like the benefits of petting your cat or dog. A weighted blanket for humans offer the same calming effects only better. You use it just as you would your normal blanket, therefore requires very minimal effort.

Getting a chance of having a peaceful and calm night’s sleep for 7 to 9 hours straight using a weighted blanket not only effectively alleviates stress, anxiety, and even depression, experts also believe it can actually help cure PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) as well as manage mild forms of autism.

The great thing about it is that it begins a healthy cycle – more sleep leads to less anxiety overall which leads to better sleep.

With its many positive health effects or benefits, weighted blankets are surely one of the best ways to naturally assist children in living normal healthy lives free from nighttime stress and anxiety. In fact, many studies have already shown remarkable real-life results of how using weighted blankets greatly improved the symptoms found in some children—and that is without the use of any prescription drugs.

An occupational therapist named Karen Moore, in fact, stated recently that “In psychiatric care, weighted blankets are one of our most powerful tools for helping people who are anxious, upset, and possibly on the verge of losing control.” Although weighted blanket therapy has not been getting enough attention, several experts strongly agree with Moore.

Medical experts are engaging in more and more research now, proving the benefits of weighted blankets for better sleep.

Purchasing a weighted blanket (tips):

Finding a good weighted blanket today is very easy. You can find a great variety available on Amazon.com, and a simple Google search can also help you find a trusted retailer that can help you find the specific weighted blanket you’re looking for. Note, these blankets are also called weighted sensory blankets.

Weighted blankets come in various dimensions or sizes. It is recommended to get one that makes for a perfect fit for your type of body and take into account extra room for movement during sleep.

Weighted blankets typically weigh anywhere between the range of 15 to 30 pounds, so it’s important too to remember that when you buy a weighted blanket (whether online or offline), make sure you’re getting the most comfortable weight for your body.

You can also make your own DIY weighted blanket if you happen to be crafty or creative or into art. You’ll be surprised at how quite simple it actually is to make, though, of course, it requires some amount of skill, patience, and effort. See below Rob Appell of Man Sewing’s easy method of creating your own weighted blankets.

Weighted blanket therapy is a powerful method that can naturally alleviate the symptoms of nighttime stress, anxiety, insomnia and sleep disruption. Keep in mind that this is a solution that works for many people, but not everyone.