6 Ways to Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks

How to Lessen the Appearance of Your Stretch Marks

If you’re like me – or many other women, for that matter! – then you’ve probably earned more than your fair share of stretch marks. It happens, and we just have to deal with it, right? Well, not quite. While it’s true that they’re easy enough to get, they’re equally as easy enough to get rid of. Before we get into that, though, let’s take a look at what actually causes stretch marks.

What causes stretch marks?

The causes aren’t always as simple as they seem. While most people know that pregnant women get stretch marks (caused by the rapid stretching of the skin), what many don’t realize is that you can also get stretch marks by rapidly losing weight. Not only that, but sudden growth spurts during puberty and even certain kinds of creams, lotions, and pills (containing corticosteroids) can cause them. Any time you limit your skin’s elasticity, you’re going to be more prone to getting stretch marks.

So how to get rid of stretch marks?

Well, there are actually a near-limitless amount of tips, tricks, and techniques to get rid of stretch marks. While you can choose to go to a dermatologist or even get cosmetic surgeries to correct it – I’m going to suggest some more natural, at home treatments. If you choose to go down a different path, be sure to consult with your doctors and dermatologists first!

How to Reduce Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks: 6 Ways to Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks - http://thehealthflash.com/ways-to-reduce-stretch-marks/1. Use Skin Moisturizing Lotions

Maybe not the most exciting answer, but it works. Don’t skimp on the good stuff, and it’ll be good for you. Not only can you prevent stretch marks altogether by using moisturizing lotions on problem areas, you can help reduce their appearance and even fade them completely using this method. Skin can and does heal itself when it’s given the opportunity and proper care.

Natural botanical lotions and cocoa butter lotions are best for reducing and reversing stretch marks.

2. Eat well and drink plenty

Though it may seem silly, eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water will help with stretch marks. It’s easy to forget that our skin is actually an organ, but it is. And all of our organs function more properly when we give them what they need to do their respective jobs.

Drinking 8 – 12 glasses of water each day (or the recommended gallon a day!) can help give your skin back it’s elasticity. Eating plenty of healthy, green fibrous carbs – think broccoli, cucumbers, and spinach – provides pivotal vitamins and minerals that your skin needs to replenish and repair itself.

3. A healthy bout of exercise.

Gentle and regular exercises can be a huge help in getting rid of stretch marks. No, don’t go all in and start packing on the muscle mass – that will actually only add to your stretch marks! But do have a routine that is comfortable for you. When you exercise, you ensure that your skin gets more oxygen and blood flowing to it, which just happens to promote healing and repair!

4. Daily exfoliations

Daily exfoliations can and do help. Much like exercising, they encourage blood flow to the skin. With exfoliants, though, you can make sure that you’re targeting your stretch marks. You can easily add this to your daily routine by using exfoliating loofahs during your showers. There are also tons of pre-made scrubs you can buy from the store and many recipes that you can find online to make at home. Don’t be afraid to try out different types of scrubs to see what works best for you. Just remember that you should use gentle exfoliations, especially since you’re going to be using this on a daily basis. Don’t rub your skin raw – it’ll just cause more damage!

5. Homemade wraps and salves

Where to begin with this one! The options here are truly limitless. When you go with a homemade wrap or salve, you can typically expect to see results in terms of weeks, but they are some of the most natural and gentle ways to get rid of stretch marks.

There are a couple of each that I have either tried myself or known women who have tried. Please understand that these are only a few of the options available.

  • Castor oil wraps are easy to make and relatively inexpensive. All you need is – you guessed it! – castor oil. gently massage into your skin in circular motions for about 10 minutes, then wrap and add some heat with a heating pad. You can expect to see results in about a month.
  • Clay wraps are amazing. Using an even mixture of green, gray, and blue clays along with enough honey to make it smooth, it’s about as natural as you can get. It also takes about a month to see results, but it’s well worth it.
  • Using an alfalfa salve is another great option. With eight essential amino acids and vitamins E and K, alfalfa is ideal for healing and nourishing skin. Just add a few drops of chamomile oil to alfalfa powder until it’s smooth, then massage it into your problem areas two to three times daily.
  • A¬†taraxacum and aloe salve. Combining fresh taraxacum leaves, olive oil, a single teaspoon of aloe juice, and some oat flour may not sound appealing, but once you have this smooth and creamy mixture on your skin, you’ll understand! Simply spread the mixture on your stretch marks and wait around ten minutes before washing it off. After doing this once in the morning and once in the evening for about a month, you’ll see fantastic results.

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6. Laser Therapy

There are laser therapies that can be administered by licensed practitioners that can help to tighten up the skin and lessen the appearance of stretch marks. They won’t make them go away completely, but they can help a lot for some people. The downside of this treatment is that they are expensive.

So as you can see – life goes on. Stretch marks aren’t the end of the world, and they definitely aren’t something you’re stuck with for life. There are tons of options for you to choose from. Whether you choose to approach this naturally or with a little help from doctors, or by treating it from the inside out or from the outside alone, you can say goodbye to stretch marks!