These 8 Things Happen When You Start Sleeping Naked

Do you sleep naked? Most people usually wear pajamas or another type of comfortable sleepwear when they sleep but did you know you can be one someone who gets a better night’s sleep by not wearing anything at all when you sleep?

About 8 percent of Americans actually sleep naked and they’re happy about it and healthy too! Studies show that when you sleep naked on a regular basis, you reap many practical as well as important health benefits. If you haven’t tried it yet, below are 8 things that can happen when you start sleeping naked.

Here are the 8 best benefits of sleeping naked:

1. Better Metabolism

The correlation between sleeping naked and increased metabolism as well as possible weight loss lies in the fact that when people are able to get a better night’s sleep, they wake up feeling more energized and de-stressed.

Thus, their bodies are able to maintain normal cortisol levels throughout the night as well as the following day. This contributes to better functioning of a person’s metabolism.

2. You Sleep Better

A study on sleeping naked conducted in Australia demonstrated that lowering a person’s basal (or core) body temperature can help with a more normalized sleep pattern. The human body naturally releases heat from its core even when sleeping, thus people who wear socks or pajamas tend to have higher chances of interrupted sleep (as well as insomnia) just because their bodies cannot release its own body heat.

Researchers of the said study state that it is necessary for a person to release heat from his/her core especially at night in order to sleep more easily.

3. Controls Appetite

Again, cortisol regulation is what helps with this aspect. Since a revitalizing sleep (when you sleep naked) can effectively decrease cortisol (stress hormone) levels, it can also cause appetite suppression or less cravings or for sweet and salty foods. When the body becomes high in cortisol levels due to lack of sleep or disturbed sleep, it unquestionably leads to frequent cravings and overeating.

When you are able to get a better sleep by sleeping naked, it indirectly controls your cravings along by moderating your cortisol levels. You won’t get hungry easily and you will have less stress all because of your new habit of sleeping naked.”

These 8 Things Happen When You Start Sleeping Naked -4. Improves Blood Flow

Many people wear clothes at bedtime that are too tight or not comfortable. Sometimes your clothes even get caught up under your sheets and twisted around your body.

Clothes can actually obstruct the body’s normal blood circulation. Sleeping naked, on the other hand, increases blood flow to the entire body, especially the heart, arteries, muscles, and other extremities, hence promoting one’s overall health.

5. Anti-Aging

“Sleep” is a medical journal which recently published a study that tackled everything on the topic of sleeping naked. One of its conclusions included information that when you sleep, your body naturally releases growth hormones and melatonin. Medical professionals consider both of these as the body’s most effective hormones for anti-aging.

The longer and more comfortable a person is when sleeping, the more his/her body releases these hormones that produce beneficial effects such as anti-aging.

6. Diabetes Prevention

Going naked when you sleep can actually helps prevent diabetes. In one study in particular, published in the Diabetes magazine it was determined that sleeping in a cooler temperature during the night helps improve a person’s blood sugar levels.

The research discovered that the participants’ total body fat also decreased after sleeping in cooler temperatures, that is, specifically by sleeping without clothes on. Within just a few weeks of observing the new habit, the participants’ health with respect to their diabetes also started to improve dramatically.

7. Stops Skin Disease

You can acquire many great health benefits by simply allowing your skin to “air out” when you’re sleeping. The airing out process of sleeping naked not just lowers one’s chances of developing skin disease, it can actually help treat athlete’s foot and other more serious skin conditions such as intertrigo.

Damp and restricted skin on your body develops intertrigo, so it is important to focus on such areas as your armpits, genitals, and feet when sleeping.

8. Easier Bedtime Routine

For most people, getting ready for bed often involves taking the extra time and effort to put on their nightwear. This means putting it on at night and removing it in the morning. You can eliminate this extra step and unnecessary waste of time you could be spending on more sleep when you decide to sleep naked.