How to Cleanse Your Lymph System and Why You Should

Your body works hard to keep your health at optimum levels. In a world where harmful toxins seem to lurk at every turn that can be a daunting task. Fortunately your lymph system stands up to the challenge. Find out what your lymph system does and how you can boost its healing abilities.

The Lymph System: The Body’s Neglected Ally

The lymphatic system is a network of nodes, tissues and organs that help clear the body of toxins and wastes. These organs include the spleen, tonsils and thymus gland. It carries a substance called lymph which contains infection-fighting white blood cells necessary to staving off illness.

The lymph system cleanses your body’s cells of any toxins and garbage that have accumulated and directs them to the more recognized cleansing organs, the kidneys and liver. The spleen is the powerhouse behind the lymph system where white and red blood cells are stationed and damaged red blood cells are destroyed.

The Importance of Cleansing the Lymph System

Each day we unintentionally put harmful substances into our bodies. These may be pollutants in the air we breathe to chemicals in skin care products to additives in the food we eat. The lymph system filters out these wastes and disposes of them properly. However, there is one slight problem: the lymph system does not have a pump which keeps it going. It can become easily clogged which may result in headaches, excess weight, colds or other illnesses. Luckily, we can help give our lymph system a good scrub-down and boost its sluggish flow.

10 Ways to Cleanse Your Lymph System

There is no shortage of ways to jump start your lymph system for increased health benefit. The following ideas are but a few ways you can get your lymph system moving again.

lymphatic system1. Exercise

A body in motion tends to stay in motion and the same holds true for your lymph system. As your muscles move they’ll give your lymph system a nice massage and help push toxins in the right direction. While any movement helps anything that involves jumping up and down such as rebounding is best. Click here to shop for rebounders.

2. Drink up Water

Your lymph system needs water to keep moving so drink plenty of H2O. Squeeze in some lemon juice for added flavor and to stimulate the lymph system.

3. Get a Massage

A massage is great for tired muscles and a gentle one is great for the lymph system. Manual lymph drainage is a gentle touch massage designed to encourage lymph system movement towards the heart and the drainage of waste, fats and toxins.

4. Take a Deep Breath

Breathing in a lung-full of fresh air helps stimulate your lymph system to get it moving again. Think of deep breathing as the missing pump the lymph system needs to keep moving.

5. Loosen Up

Tight-fitting clothing can put a kink in the movement of the lymph system. Avoiding wearing clothes that are too tight as they will constrict lymph movement. For women, wearing a bra that fits properly helps relieve a sluggish lymph system. The largest cluster of lymph nodes in the body is around the armpit and upper chest. Keeping this area free of restriction allows your lymph system to move and drain as it needs to.

How to Cleanse Your Lymph System and Why You Should ~

6. Avoid Harmful Chemicals

This step may be easier said than done but that makes it no less important. Many health and beauty products on store shelves are loaded with chemicals that find their way into our bodies and gummy up the lymph works. Sticking to natural ingredients in lotions, cosmetics and hair products keeps those substances out of your body so they can do you no harm.

7. Dry Brushing

You can give your skin a little TLC while you help stimulate your lymph system with a dry skin brushing. This Ayurvedic technique uses a coarse bristle brush before showering. Move in gentle circles from the feet upwards, then from the fingers to the chest. Always move towards the heart which is the same direction as the lymph system flows. Then hop in the shower.

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8. Eat to Promote Lymph Movement

Processed foods may be quick and filling but they can leave behind some nasty substances that slow the lymph system’s movements. Incorporating more raw foods into your diet helps speed things up and clears your body of these wastes. Organic fruits and veggies provide a nutritional boost while avoiding toxic pesticides and additives.

9. Steer Clear of Sodas and “Juices”

Drinking a can of soda is not something nice for your body. They’re full of sugars, high fructose corn syrups and sometimes neon coloring. There are also some so-called fruit “juices” that are loaded with sugar. Avoid these at all costs for a healthy lymph system.

10. Hot/Cold Showers

Cold showers are not fun but they can stimulate lymph movement. Alternating between hot and cold water flow helps vessels dilate and contract, promoting movement. Forego this idea if you are pregnant or have a heart condition.

These are only a few ideas you can implement for improved health. Consult with your physician before taking on any serious lymph system cleanses to rule out major illnesses that may be to blame and to ensure your safety.