10 Common Habits That Completely Drain Your Energy

10 Habits That Drain Your Energy

It’s a common problem that you might face each day – you are snowballed under a mountain of work but don’t have enough energy to get it all done. No matter what you do, there doesn’t seem to ever be enough energy to go around. But certain habits may be robbing you of the vital energy you need – the top things that drain your energy.

How Habits Can Leave You With Little Energy Reserves

Habits tend to develop after we get into a routine of doing the same thing over and over. And negative habits tend to be easier to develop than positive ones. It certainly takes more effort to convince yourself to go for a run each morning rather than stay in bed. However, giving into negative habits and letting them develop can cause energy leaks over time.

Cultivating positive habits redirects your energy towards the tasks you’d like your energy to go towards rather than having it go to waste.

10 Bad Habits That Completely Drain Your Energy

10 Common Habits That Completely Drain Your Energy - http://thehealthflash.com/habits-that-drain-your-energy/1. Focusing on the Negative

Bad things may happen, but it doesn’t serve you to expect them around every corner. By focusing on the negative, you’re cheating yourself of your own energy by brooding the worst outcomes that might not happen. Thinking positively may be a commonly repeated additive, but it does work. Give it a try!

2. Not Drinking Enough Water

Water is vital to life. The human body is nearly 60 percent water so skipping on your daily water intake can diminish your energy stores severely. Water may be found in your coffee, soda, or tea; but you need pure water to keep your energy up. Use this handy tool to calculate how much water you need for your body type and track how much you drink daily.

3. Failing to Check in with Yourself

Your body and mind have an internally built-in system that will let you know when self-care is needed. In our fast-paced world, it is easy to ignore its signals in favor of working too much or waiting for the next episode of our favorite series. Make time regularly to journal candidly and meditate and listen to your body. Let your mind and body tell you what aches, what feels different, or what needs some TLC.

4. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Getting your eight-hours of rest a night has often been the touted cure for more energy. Sleep, like all good things, needs moderation and a right balance. Some people need more and others less. Establish how much sleep you need by going to bed seven and a half hours before you want to wake up. Adjust as needed for more or less.

5. You’re All Work and No Play

There are times when our workload can pile up and look insurmountable. Other times we tend to take things, even ourselves, too seriously. When we forget to play and laugh, our energy shrinks. We need an outlet to laugh, play, and feel good. Engaging in playtime lets our energy grow by leaps and bounds and gives us more positive energy to call upon when our workload threatens to wear us down.

6. Too Much Clutter

We love to collect stuff that makes us feel good. Sometimes that may reach a point where we have too much stuff. Having too much stuff creates clutter which stifles our energy and bogs it down. Clutter traps our energy in a bubble and keeps it from moving around. Take some time to clear your work space and home and feel your energy fly free.

7. You Don’t Follow Through

You tell yourself you’re going to do something…but you don’t do it. Whether it’s small or big, if you tell yourself you’re going to complete a project you should follow through with it. Failing to do so over and over becomes a habit. How does this drain your energy? When you do have to complete said task, you have only created more work for yourself in the end.

8. Maintaining a Dull Diet

If your diet is lacking in color and healthy food, your body is using energy to digest bad foods rather than towards the tasks you’d like to complete. Proper nutrition from a well-rounded diet keeps you energized by providing you with necessary vitamins and minerals to keep your energy up AND keeping your body healthy by staving off illness. Staples include fresh, colorful fruits, and lots of veggies.

9. Constantly Checking Social Media

Email, Facebook, SnapChat, and Instagram all vie for our attention throughout the day. In reality they are just time and energy vortexes. Social media keeps us connected with friends and family, but it often drains our energy by distracting us from the moment at hand. Fortunately we can break their hold on us by setting aside certain times to use them or using blocking apps on our phones.

10. Neglecting to Exercise

A good workout may make you feel like jelly afterwards, or it can boost your energy. But when your mind is far from the gym or trail, you’ll feel the energy boost for sure. Exercise allows energy to flow and expand, giving you that much needed burst when you need it most. Exercise may be tiring, but to keep your energy up and running, it’s an absolute must.

Developing Positive Habits for Increased Energy

Building positive habits IS hard work. It takes dedication, perseverance, and motivation. Know that it is possible and that it is worth it in the end. There will come a time when it seems effortless with the payoff of a healthy body, clear mind, and increased energy. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Start small – Choose one or two habits to start and work towards developing them
  • Always track your progress in a journal or calendar, even if you experience a set-back
  • Don’t be afraid to fail

Avoid things that drain your energy and cultivate healthier habits and you’d be up and running in no time.